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Ceramic Tile has been used for centuries.  Still seen today are  tile installations,  in great condition, as on cathedrals and on fireplace surrounds in some grand old homes and mansions.  The marble foyers are still as beautiful today as it was when the floor was first installed.  With proper care, your tile will be everlasting.

Covering entryways and high traffic areas is a sensible approach using tile as it is easy to clean, and soil resistant.


In the kitchen where there are spills and splatters tile is

practical.  Not only a backsplash, and a floor, but a wall that

might take much abuse from dirty fingers, and dogs with long

muddy tails.  Tile is durable, washable, fireproof, and water-proof.


Installing tile in the bathroom just makes sense with every-

thing tending to get wet from moisture.  Also the tile is again

washable and waterproof.


Some people don't like tile solely because it is cold. There is a solution for that.  Radiant heat mats can be installed beneath

the tile.  Keeping the floor warm, and you comfortable.  It can be expensive to purchase the materials.  You should speak to

us to learn more on these heat mats.


Glass Tile & Glass Mosaics

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Glass tile has become a very popular choice with homeowners.  Whether installing a whole wall or used as an accent; glass tile can add beauty, and elegance to any space.  However, we would advise hiring a professional to install this, as glass presents several challanges if the homeowner wishes to be a do-it-yourselfer.  Special white thinset is needed and glass can be very difficult to cut.  

What ever the style or decor of your room, there are many different colors, and shapes to make your room POP, or not.  The choices are endless.  Just a few rows of glass tile, or a whole backsplash.  You will love the new look of your project.

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